Stuffed chicken roll


1 big flat bonless skinless chicken breast 
2 singles kraft
2 slicefulled cooked ham 
1 medium zucchini cut in slices
salt and pepper
q.b. oil and butter 
1/2 shallot
mixed spice

In a fry pan put butter in oil add the zucchini and cook for about 10 minutes, then season with mixed spice.

Flatten chicken, season with salt and pepper and top with the singol cut in pieces

coat with the ham,

then with the zucchini.

Roll up the chicken very tight

 and tie tightly with

kitchen string.

In a fry pan put butter in oil and shallot finely minced (sorry I don't have the picture :(

Fry the chicken all arounf then cover and cook on medium low heat for about 40 minutes, roll it sometimes.
After the cooked time, sliced the chicken thick about 1 centimeter; if is not completely cooked, line the slice in the pan and continue cook for more 10-15 minutes.

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