Pork tenderloin with onion sauce


700 grams of tenderloin pork trimmed on visible fat and silver skin
2 red onions (I used the sweet ones from Tropea)
30 milliliters beer
about 10 slices of good-quality bacon
1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons cream
3 tablespoons olive oil 
1 glove of garlic
salt and pepper

Peel and slice the red onions.

Trim the visible fat and silver skin

Cut the fillet into about 2 centimeters thick medallions.

Wrap each medallions with the strips of bacon, securing along with ccoking string.

Poor the oil in a skillet, add butter, garlic and rosemary on a mediun heat.

Add sliced onions and cook, stirring sometimes, until they are tender.

Place the pork in the skillet,

sear the medallions on both sides.

Simmer with beer until reduced;

Cook for 10 minutes stirring ones in a while. add salt and pepper.

Remove pork fron the pan and take in a hot place.

On medium heat cook for 1 minute the onions

add cream and stir.

Poor in a glass and belend until you will have a smooth cream.

Transfer the onions cream in the skillet, add the medallions and cook for 10 minutes more, add some beer if needed.


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