Strawberries jam


2,2 pounds strawberries ( already clean and dried)
2,2 pounds sugar
juice filtered of 1/2 lemon (optional)

First of all to sterilize the pots following the procedure of Sterilising jars.


Wash very well under the water the strawberries, Deprive them of the leaves and of possible bruised parts then leave them to drip up to when they will be dry.

Cut the strawberries so that is all more or less of the same greatness.
Pour the fruit in a casserole and united to like the juice of lemon.

Bring the mixture to boil, add the sugar and begin cooking on medium fire.

Skim sometimes the mixture, from the beginning, Stirring sometimes.
After 20 minutes from the beginning of boiling, check the consistence della confettura pouring a teaspoon of it in a saucer and allowing to cool: if the product doesn't strain it means that it is ready. if not continue with the cooking,
When the jam is ready puor it in the jar following the procedure of Preserve in jar

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